Star Fox Zero Coming This April

In today’s highly anticipated Nintendo Direct presentation, we got a dose of news that many, many of you have been waiting for: Star Fox Zero will finally arrive for the Wii U on April 22.

Shigeru Miyamoto took center stage to let viewers know that the game does pay direct homage to Star Fox 64, but it also features those new game mechanics that he’s been hard at work on over the past months. There will be branching paths within the game with many levels appearing on an overworld map for players to use to direct their own unique experience, and new bosses can be unlocked on the various path choices.

The Star Fox amiibo will allow players to unlock the SNES Arwing for in-game use, and a new two-player mode allows one player to fly a craft with a Pro Controller while the other controls the turret with the GamePad.

And in addition, there will be a new title coming with Star Fox Zero—in fact, it’s Miyamoto’s secret project from way back at E3 2014! Secret Guard is now complete and has been rebranded as a Star Fox game, “Star Fox Guard.” There are 100 missions and a level creator with online share features, and you’ll be playing as someone manning a security detail after Slippy’s uncle is attacked at his mining outpost.

Both Star Fox titles will be launched together in one package, or will be available for individual purchase on the eShop.


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