AfterZoom Returns to Handheld Systems

Remember this DSiWare title? AfterZoom was a 2011 release from Abylight Studios, a “real-world biology” game mixed with fantasy and which was funded in part by the Ministry of Culture of the Spanish government.

They’re ready to now bring the game to the Nintendo 3DS, though when is still up in the air. Here’s what the studio is saying:

“Here in Abylight Studios we want to turn 2016 into one of the best years since the creation of the team, and not only because of our released games, but also for the beautiful collaborations we are working on. After the ‘Musicverse: Electronic Keyboard’ success on the Nintendo eShop, and almost with no time for us to recover from the celebration, we want to share more good news!

Because of the interest and love that you showed us about bringing ‘AfterZoom’ to Nintendo 3DS™, it is finally heading to the portable console. However, as you may imagine already, we can’t reveal further details, but we hope to start releasing more information in the coming weeks.

Prepare your Nintendo 3DS™ system because we will turn it into a lab from another planet! On this new installment of the franchise, ‘AfterZoom’ unveils the origins of such a weird microorganism collection, which consists of more than 150 species. These organisms are feisty and there will be lots of training to calm them down…”

A mobile version of the game was released last year, but this will certainly expose a wider audience to this game. Are you interested? Stay tuned for a release date.


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