Disney Art Academy Preview Trailer

Disney Art Academy isn’t exactly one of those heavy hitter titles that people will be waiting around for with squees on their lips…well, most people, anyway. Ahem. *cough*exceptforthiswriter*cough*

But anyway, the title is certainly a solid addition to the Art Academy line of games on the 3DS, and when you combine the power of Disney with the loved Art Academy concept, you’re sure to have a game that performs well and appeals to a broad selection of players.

Recently, we’ve seen the Japanese market scramble to get their hands on Disney titles on the 3DS, so this upcoming art game will likely be a critical sales market for the game and which determines its future—hence, there has been an extended preview trailer for Disney Art Academy released by Nintendo Japan, but it’s pretty self-evident what’s happening…it is an art game, after all.

Check it out and watch to the end, as you’ll get a glimpse of how the game is integrated with Miiverse—you know you’ll want to share your artistic masterpieces with the world, right? Right.


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