The Splatoon Splattershot Water Gun…is REAL

If you’ve played Splatoon for any length of time, you’ve noticed that the guns in the game are inspired by real-world items and objects…in fact, you may even have been playing and wondered what it would be like to own or handle a paintball gun or water pistol based on some of the in-game models.

Well, wonder no more. Nintendo is bringing to market the Splatoon Splattershot in the form of a water gun, and it shoots real water and everything!

This model is being sold in Japan on Play-Asia but you may be able to order it internationally—and if you’re keen on it, you’ll absolutely need to jump on the pre-orders when they open, as there will be limited quantities.

The gun is at a 1/1/ scale (W 47cm x D 12.5 cm x H 28cm) and looks so awesome that frankly, we’re wondering why Nintendo didn’t come at this sooner. Could you imagine a whole line of Splatoon water guns? Money in the bank, Nintendo…money in the bank.


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