Over a Million Downloads for Miitomo in Three Days

In some surprising but optimistic news, the official Twitter account for Miitomo has confirmed that in the three days since the app’s release in Japan, it has hit over a million downloads. Talk about taking off! If you look at the iPhone and Android’s free app charts right now, you’ll also see that Miitomo is in first and second place respectively. That’s a massive success at getting Miitomo into the hands of consumers at first rush—of course, now it will remain to be seen if these folks will actually use it.

It’s also not clear yet whether Miitomo will make money for Nintendo, because at present it’s only free-to-start and we’re not sure where the revenue stream will come from. Either way, it will certainly mean additional Nintendo Account sign-ups, as well as a significant boost of brand awareness.

But will it fly over here in North America? Or in Europe? Well, that we’re not too sure about yet. Hopefully this early roll-out in Japan will work out all the kinks and make the app more appealing to the western crowd.

That said, if the official Miitomo twitter account is representative of the experience—have you seen all those cat pictures they’re posting?—then Nintendo has nothing to worry about.


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