It’s Time for National Streetpass Weekend!

As if there wasn’t enough excitement in the air with Easter this weekend, for those of you who celebrate it. If you don’t, you get a few extra days off work, so that has to be a bonus, right? Well, now you can use all that free time to enjoy some Streetpasses!

Nintendo has announced that March 25th to 27th is National Streetpass Weekend: Spring Edition, so if you find yourself in the vicinity of a Nintendo Zone location, you can receive up to six Streetpasses per visit.

This is a great way to make some progress on the Mii Plaza games…and to get a bunch of pieces for those puzzles. If the glowing little green light makes you happy, make sure your Nintendo 3DS is charged up and take it along with you this weekend.


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Dave will tell you that he likes to play video games, this is in fact a lie. What he really likes to do is buy games, and leaving them sitting unopened on his shelf. He is a monster.

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