My Nintendo & New Rewards Have Launched

As Nintendo promised, Miitomo and the new My Nintendo have arrived in March (on the last day, sure, but they still fulfilled their promise) and you can log in to see all the new rewards available when you play Nintendo games and buy Nintendo products!

To log in, you’ll need to register—we recommend keeping things simple by using your Nintendo Network ID to do so.

You’ll be able to earn coins by playing games (including Miitomo!) and making purchases, all which can be tracked through the store. If you were previously a Club Nintendo member, you should receive an email soon with a code for a number of bonus coins—kind of a “thanks for being a loyal Nintendo fan”, which is nice.

There are also discounts on certain games that will vary according to an optimized (we’ll see how accurate that is soon, surely) system.

Head on over and check it out here!


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