New Sonic Games Will Be Overseen By Sonic Boss Iizuka

As part of Sega’s promise to bring Sonic games back to their early “glory days”, some changes are afoot to have the blue hedgehog will be brought to the gaming public in the future. A major shift has happened in that Sonic Team’s Takashi Iizuka has relocated to North America to oversee Sonic game development.

Iizuka has previously been a producer on other Sonic games, though most recently he did not participate with Sonic Boom. Perhaps for good reason, he’s been brought back on board and has been given the task of making the LA studio the “centralized hub for the global brand.”

No pressure or anything. But before anyone panics that there will be Japanese oversight on American-made games, remember that the talent was indeed mixed to create Sonic 2 and Sonic Adventure 2 in the United States. This blending of talents and abilities is a hopeful step toward bringing the Sonic franchise back to solid footing


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