It’s Happened—Nintendo Goes Retro

We commented on this a little while back when “retro” versions of Nintendo’s logo started popping up at department stores, but it appears that the signage wasn’t simply a one-off way to catch folks’ eyes during holiday season. In fact, it looks to have been part of an overhaul of Nintendo’s branding, bringing the company back to its symbolic red-and-white days of yore.

In a time when adults in their 30s and 40s are having their childhoods sold back to them, it’s perhaps not a surprise to see Nintendo taking this approach when they’re on the verge of a new console announcement. This red and white logo may evoke nostalgia and a feeling of trust, and frankly, we’re kinda digging it anyway.

Take a look at Nintendo’s Twitter and YouTube pages, where this classic logo has appeared and is now being used on their video thumbnails! Does this mean the white-and-grey logo of the Wii and DS period is gone for good? Perhaps. But truthfully, we don’t mind.


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