Discount for Star Fox Guard & Star Fox Zero Pre-Load Discount

Pull out those wallets, friends! It’s time! Nintendo of America has confirmed that Star Fox Zero is available for pre-purchase as of today, noon EST! That said, you may have already known this if your Wii U lit up blue and told you about it, but just in case you didn’t hear or see that—now you know.

If you buy the digital version of the game (eShop or online), you’ll receive an automatic discount for Star Fox Guard of $4.99USD (we think) that can be used as of April 22nd when both games launch.

You’ll also get to pre-load Star Fox Zero onto your Wii U if you pre-purchase, meaning you’ll get to log in and play faster than waiting until launch day and dealing with downloads and updates at that time.

You’ve only got a few weeks to take advantage of this pre-sale, so don’t forget if this is something you’d like to do.


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