Miitomo Grooves Is Your Summer Jam

Aww yeah, are you ready to get down? Umm…or at least, is your Mii ready to get down?

Not only can you dress your Mii in the flashiest duds, but you can nod your head to the freshest beats while you answer questions to your heart’s content. DJ Cutman, a chiptune artist, has released a brand new album to celebrate Miitomo, Nintendo’s mobile social game/app/whatever we’re calling it.

The album is called Mii Tomo Grooves, and as you can predict by the spacing in the title, it’s not endorsed by Nintendo but merely a tribute to it. DJ Cutman created this album by using only 808s, hip hop beats, and world drums.

If you use Miitomo a lot, you’ll likely recognize many of these tunes and appreciate how they’ve been remixed and so forth. Go ahead and groove! We’re doing it too.

Get your copy here!


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