Big update for Mario Kart Arcade GP DX arives

You’ve probably been busy  playing Mario Kart 8 that you’ve completely forgotten about the arcade edition, Mario Kart Arcade GP DX!

Namco Bandai certainly hasn’t forgotten and they are continuing to support the game to keep the players interested.

As of today, arcade owners who have this game can update to a new version which introduces the long-awaited “Pac-Man Staduim” course along with two courses of “Namco Circuit”.

It also seems there will be some adjustments to Match Play mode which should make things more fund regardless of the player’s skill


Here is a Google Translate of the released information about this update:

Pac-Man statue is impressive, it is gorgeous courses sparkling neon! Tight had curve is large, it has become the technical layout! Successive curves to the left to the right is going to cut the handle rhythmically remember the order!

Spell the history of Namco games, circuit, such as the museum! Straight lines and gentle curve is large, ultra-high-speed battle to enjoy! Use well the new course gimmick “acceleration area”, gonna at a stretch difference with rivals!

You can surf on  over to Famitsu to check it out.


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