PAX East 2016: Handheld Tournaments (Friday)

Handheld tournaments always attract a big crowd at PAX, even with the advent of smartphone games. After all, bringing a handheld is the easiest way to pass the time in lines, so why not get competitive while you’re at it? There are smartphone game tournaments included in the line-up, yes—but we’re partial to Nintendo (obviously) so we’ll be listing just those this time around.

Sign-ups for all handheld tournaments begin at 10am each day. In previous years, the handheld lounge has been located all the way down the hall toward the Queue room, on the main floor, but rumors are that this year it may be adjusted slightly. Ask an Enforcer if you’re confused! They’re there to help & there should be many of them around wearing bright red shirts.

To participate in the handheld tournaments, you must have your own devices or games—please don’t ask the desk if they have extras! (Pro Tip: They don’t.)


11am-1pm – Tetris Axis (3DS)

3pm-5pm – Fire Emblem Fates (3DS)

8pm-10pm – Mario Party Island Tour (3DS)


Pro Tip #2: Check at the handheld desk to see if anyone has declared an intention to host their own unofficial tourney—sometimes there’s a crowd that wants to play together for which there may be an open list.


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