PAX East 2016: Bravely Second: End Layer Developer Panel

We’ll mentioned this in the “Panels of Interest” post, but considering there’s an infographic just for this particular panel and more info has come down the line about it, we wanted to make sure anyone interested had all the necessary details.

The panel happens tomorrow, April 24th from 1-3pm EST in Dragonfly Theatre. The attending presenters are co-producer Masashi Takahashi and localization senior translator John Townsend.

As for the panel’s content, the panel will look at the development process for a game like Bravely Second: End Layer, and attending players will get a look at how the game has come from concept through to development.

Anyone interested in this panel who isn’t at PAX East this weekend will also have a chance to join in the excitement, as it’ll be streamed via Twitch TV—so be sure to check it out if you’re interested in this game or franchise!

Also notable—Nintendo is known for handing out little goodies at their game-dedicated panels, so while there’s no guarantee, it’s also possible there’ll be seat swag for attendees. Just saying!


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