Now you can use your Bluetooth controllers with the NES.

File this one under cool tech for retro gear!

Emulators are well and good, but there is nothing quite like loading up your old console and playing a few rounds of Super C.

Now you can have the best of both worlds, with a neat little device by 8Bitdo and Analogue.

The Retro Receiver allows you to play your original NES games on your original NES console, but hook up modern Bluetooth powered controls to play!

The handily little device supports all sorts of modern controls such as the Wii U Pro, the Wii Remote and Sony’s DualShocck 3 and 4.

Obviously it also supports 8Bitdo’s own controllers many of which are recreations of classic Nintendo controllers of yester-year!

Get your hands on this (MSRP of $19.99) through online retailer Play Asia here.


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