Confirmed: Monster Hunter Generations x Strider

It’s happening! Collaborations for Monster Hunter Generations are being announced and confirmed for Western audiences, with some awesome free DLC coming as weapons and armor in the game. Capcom has said they’re bringing Western players some exclusives in the form of Fire Emblem, Ghosts ‘n Goblins, and Okami…and now there’s a fourth!

This fourth and final crossover element will be Monster Hunter Generations x Strider, featuring Strider Hiryu’s “Cypher sword” and armor, with a dual-blade setup to ensure those lightning fast sword attacks from the character. Apparently, Strider will also execute the other blade’s attacks bare-handed, since the Cypher sword is only one weapon—not that it doesn’t look cool, so that’s what matters with these crossovers, right?

Even though it’s not the Japanese crossover items being distributed via 7-Eleven right now, it’s still some pretty cool content for the West.


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