The Debut of the Play Nintendo Show

If you’re over 25, you’re probably quite familiar with Nintendo, the glory that is Mario & friends, and all the nostalgic games associated with the “golden era” of Nintendo…but what about the younger crowd? They don’t have that same nostalgic tie that older gamers do, so what is it that draws them and keeps them playing Nintendo games?

Until recently…nothing, really. Why would they choose Nintendo over anything else? Nintendo has needed to step up their game when it comes to appealing to a younger crowd, and we’ve only just seen the company start to acknowledge this in their marketing efforts.

One of their big initiatives for this has been Play Nintendo, a website full of activities combined with a YouTube channel that’s…well, okay, but not something worth sticking around for. Until now!

Episode One of The Play Nintendo Show has just made its debut, and it just might be the thing to draw in young gamers. It’s ridiculous, bright, and zany—and it showcases New Super Mario Bros. 2, an always fun & good choice for players of all ages.

The show might be a big much to handle if you’re out of your early teen years, but the overly enthusiastic energy of host Andrew seems to be the right call—plus he has a Muppet-like Piranha Plant sidekick named Izzy.

Intrigued? Take a look:


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