DLC for Monster Hunter Generations x Star Fox Confirmed!

We’re in the home stretch for Monster Hunter Generations, and those of you who’ve been waiting since the first announcement for this one have probably been eager to hear news of any upcoming DLC. You’ve already received news of some Capcom crossovers in DLC that will be exclusive to Western players, as well as some outfits from Nintendo’s big IPs like The Legend of Zelda.

But of course, you save the Big News to hype up the game just before release, right? Well, turns out a Palico costume themed on Star Fox will arrive as a free DLC item for Western audiences in the very near future…and based on the trailer, it looks like you’re going to be able to outfit everyone to try and recreate the whole Star Fox cast!

The DLC was originally given away in Japan as part of a 7-Eleven promo, but apparently here you won’t need to drink any Slurpees to get cool costumes. Not sure if that’s a loss, or…?


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