Splatoon Concert?! Squid Sisters Rock The House!

File this one away under things we never thought would be a news item…Splatoon’s iconic squid sisters Callie and Marie have literally given a concert at Japan Expo 2016 in Paris. We’re totally serious. You can watch the entire video of the performance right here:

It’s about a half hour long, and it’s yet more proof that the success of a game like Splatoon comes from engaging with the people who love it, within the broader gaming culture, as opposed to simply via the sales records posted by region. Splatoon has come, stuck around, and made a significant impact as a new IP for Nintendo. So much so, that the game’s virtual characters transfixed an audience for an entire half hour concert!

Now, this isn’t new—although this was the first Squid Sisters performance in Europe, they’ve apparently given concerts in Japan before with a format similar to the concerts of fan favorite Hatsune Miku (projections with a live band).

One thing seems clear based on the reception of this concert in Paris—Splatoon is huge, and it’s here to stay! What will Nintendo do with this property next?


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