Super Mario Gear Arrives in Miitomo

Sure, Pokémon GO is on everyone’s minds and eating up everyone’s battery and data, but what about Nintendo’s first smartphone app? Miitomo is still out there and making it happen, though the popularity of the app seems to have levelled off in the months since its release.

In order to generate interest once again in this product, Nintendo is releasing a line of highly desirable virtual apparel for your Mii—a Super Mario themed update, and you get to choose what gets released!

Users of Miitomo can vote on the tees for offer, choosing between Blooper, Boo, Bowser, and Goomba. The winning tee design will be offered for free on My Nintendo, so head here to cast your vote! Voting is open until July 22nd at 10pm EST.

And if you’re really ready to gear up, you’ll also be able to get yourself a Super Mario All-Stars t-shirt on My Nintendo, as well as a selection of shirts (Star, Fire Flower, Mushroom) that’ll cost you some platinum coins to unlock.

There will also be eight shirts added to Miitomo Drop—four of these are the ones you vote on, as well as four new shirts with Toad, Princess Peach, Rosalina, and of course, Mario.

This update will hit the app on July 28th.


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