Need Super Sea Snails? Get to Winning!

The final Splatfest of Nintendo’s breakout IP Splatoon has come and gone, with Team Marie taking the final victory. Players are logging in to collect their winnings and say goodbye to an era—not that anyone has to stop playing, the game is still happening and plenty of online play is still ready & waiting. However, this does mean the end of regular updates after a full year of tons of new content, monthly Splatfests, and intense community engagement.

At the end of this event, however, the question on everyone’s mind was—how can players obtain Super Sea Snails in order to upgrade their gear now? Previously, this currency was earned via playing in Splatfest events and then used to upgrade, change, and improve gear. The good news is that you’ll still be able to earn them, so they’re not going away! The bad news is that they’re going to be very, very difficult to come by.

In order to earn this in-game currency, everyone’s favorite feline Judd will be handing out the snails moving forward. You must accumulate 30 wins (can be multiple sessions) in Ranked mode or Turf Wars and then Judd will award you with…one snail. If you talk to him, he’ll say:

“Meow! I’m gonna start keeping tabs on how many battles you win! So go stack up some wins, and then talk to me fur a sweet purrize!”

One lousy snail?! Well, considering that you had to participate in a one-day event in order to earn them before, I suppose the rarity makes sense. It still seems like a lot to ask for upgrade currency, but at least the snails aren’t going away forever—you’ll still be able to earn toward the changes you want to make.


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