Pokémon GO Plus Accessory Delayed Until Fall

Did you pre-order the Pokémon GO Plus accessory? If you did, you’re probably scratching your head…because so far, it’s nowhere to be seen, despite the fact that it was supposed to have been released this month. According to Nintendo UK, it was bumped to August. According to Nintendo of America, however…it won’t be out until September.

Here’s your proof:

The Pokémon GO Plus accessory uses Bluetooth to catch monsters and pick up items while playing Pokémon GO, essentially allowing you to play parts of the game without removing your smartphone from your pocket or purse.

The delay is disappointing (and may cause issues in terms of sale disputes if you purchased one through a reseller on eBay or elsewhere), but hopefully this means a better product will arrive by the end of September. Better a functioning device than something that ruins your gaming experience!


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