Got a Ton of Miitomo Candy? It’s Now Useful!

Miitomo has been an interesting experiment for Nintendo and DeNA, with usage spiking in its early days and plateauing in the days since…okay, so, its usage has been tanking steadily, but that doesn’t mean Nintendo is ready to give up on it! They want to get you excited about their mobile product again, bringing you back to the glory days of, uh, a few months ago.

In the weeks since release, there have been numerous updates for the app, which you may have missed unless you have notifications turned on. They’re all the way up to Version 1.4.0, which has been rolled out in North America and gives players an option they could have only dreamed up months ago: the ability to use Candy to get Game Tickets.

Ah, Game Tickets, the currency required to play Miitomo Drop! Nintendo made a fistful of cash from selling Game Tickets in the early days of release, but with fewer of us even bothering to open the app anymore (if we haven’t already deleted it from our phones), that’s a significant drop in cash flow. So why not entice us back in!

In Miitomo Drop, a mini-game in the app, players try to win interesting outfits for their virtual characters, but more often than not, you’ll end up winning virtual candy instead—which no one really seems to use, as all they did was unlock a friend’s answers. Until now! Candy can be exchanged for game tickets through Candy Drop—where you drop your sweets in order to win game tickets.

Will all these updates to Miitomo (remember, there have been a number of them, you just probably haven’t noticed since you’re not playing), will the app bring us back on the regular? We’re still not sure.


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