Disney Infinity Online Support Cancelled

A few months back, we learned that the toys-to-life project brought to us by Disney would be no longer—Disney Infinity was coming to an end as the development studio closed so that Disney could step out of the business of video game publishing. According to reports, it was difficult to turn a profit on Disney Infinity due to unsold toy overstock…and where there’s not a profit being made, there’s a low likelihood of any support continuing for the game in question.

So, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that as of today, Disney Infinity’s support is being progressively phased out across all platforms—with some versions of the game being literally removed from existence. Players who have enjoyed Disney Infinity on Nintendo consoles have a little bit of time, however, with community support remaining in place until March 3rd, 2017.

After March, however, Disney Infinity’s online play will be shuttered forever, though of course you’ll still be able to play and enjoy the game with all the play sets you already own.

It’s a disappointing and perhaps surprising end to one of the toys-to-life options on the market, but it was inevitable that market saturation would hit at some point. Looks like Disney Infinity was the one to bear the brunt of this eventuality.


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