Mario Goes to the Olympics Closing Ceremony in Rio

This past Sunday, the Rio 2016 Olympic Games ended with a massive ceremony, marking the end of another year of international sporting and (usually) friendly competition. The next Olympic event will be happening in South Korea (Winter Olympics in 2018), but the 2020 Summer Olympics will be happening in Japan!

The Rio ceremonies acknowledged this during closing with a little segment dedicated to the next Summer games in 2020, and naturally, who made a cameo during this segment but a familiar plumber with Olympic games of his own?

Indeed, the segment shows off Japanese culture, upcoming sports events, and then cuts away to a clip of Japan’s Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, driving down a road in Japan while exclaiming he won’t make it to Rio in time…and we’ll let you watch and be delighted by the next part. It begins about a minute into the video:


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