First Impressions: Earthlock: Festival of Magic (Wii U)

This is another game that has made multiple PAX appearances over the years, leaving us and others wondering if Earthlock: Festival of Magic will ever actually see the light of day in a full release. Currently, the news is that it’s coming to the Wii U (and other systems) in early 2017, but to be quite honest, we’ll believe it when it happens. And when we get a more firm release date. Fingers crossed!

We’re cheering for this one, because truthfully, it’s a charming little JRPG that reminds us a lot of old-style Final Fantasy. It’s being developed by Snowcastle Games, a Norwegian company, and they’ve put a lot of heart and soul into making this the best game they can.

The game is set in their created fantasy world of Umbra, and the art style is reminiscent of a painting—colorful, lush, and a variety of detailed environments. Much like classic JRPGs, combat is turn-based with an extra feature of being able to draw in additional enemies to defeat more at once. More experience from bigger battles means less level grinding, so we’re definitely a fan.

These elements combine to make this game feel less like it’s treading new territory than it’s a love letter to classic JRPGs. Yes, there are unique elements to make it feel fresh, but anyone who spent much of their childhood immersed in these classic turn-based fantasy games just might recognize that feeling of familiarity, of “coming home” with a game like this.

For their sake and ours, we’re hoping that Earthlock: Festival of Magic truly does make its way to the Wii U early next year.


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