First Impressions: Steam World Heist (Wii U)

Yes, you’re not going crazy—we’ve covered this game before, but on the Wii U. Steam World Heist is the third entry in the SteamWorld series, coming after SteamWorld Dig and SteamWorld Tower Defense. This title changed things up yet again, giving players a turn-based strategy game to enjoy, while still keeping those adventurous elements of combat, exploration, and some good old-fashioned looting.

Steam World Heist for the Wii U contains procedurally generated levels, so you’re going to get plenty of replayablity out of your purchase—and there’s also a ton of collectible items and secrets to find, so there’s no shortage of things to do. The aesthetic remains steampunk-esque, while the turn-based element uses the GamePad’s control stick and trigger buttons for combat… or, you actually will have the option of punching bad guys (or hiding behind cover).

There’s definitely a strategic element, as mentioned, but it also plays a little bit like XCOM in that your characters only have a certain allotment of movement where they can move and fire in the same turn.

We definitely enjoyed this title on the 3DS and have covered it in the past, and it plays just as well on the Wii U—and looks better. The framerate is higher, the screen is wider, and the details are more… detailed. Heh. The soundtrack is incredible, and long-range shots in combat are much more precise and easier to position.

The GamePad also allows for a map in your hands, giving you an immediate reference point. Character information is right on the TV screen while you play (instead of below the play screen, as on the 3DS).

We’re quite certain that Steam World Heist will be a hit on the Wii U, as it both looks and feels much more like the game it was intended to be in the first place. Some games work better on a smaller screen, some on a bigger screen, and in this case, we’re thrilled that it’s coming to the home console very soon.


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