Nindies@Night / Nindies Lounge Shows Off Axiom Verge (Wii U)

We’ve talked about Axiom Verge here on Nintendo Fire a few times, and this year Nintendo brought it to the Nindies@Night event and the Nindies Lounge to demonstrate how the game plays on the Wii U. Although it’s been out for some time on other systems, playing on the Wii U with the GamePad is always a bit of a new experience.

The GamePad gives players a place to experience maps, inventory and off-TV play. It’s a Metroid-like experience, and it’s basically your chance to enjoy a Metroid homage during the 30th anniversary of Metroid (since there’s no new Metroid game… *sad trombone*). The great thing here, however, is that you’ll be able to switch weapons during gameplay from the GamePad, without interrupting your play experience. So handy!

There’s a more intense storyline here, but even the story harkens back to Metroid in terms of exploring to find a weapon… and, uh, you start by going to the left. Yes, that’s right! The look of the game, the feel of the game, the design of the sprites are all very Metroid-esque, so… honestly, it’s hard to explain better than that. Are you a Metroid fan? If your answer is yes, buy Axiom Verge. If your answer is no, sorry… we’ve got nothing for you.


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