It’s a Super Mario Showdown in the Final Omegathon Round!

Whether you attended PAX West in Seattle this past weekend or enjoyed the many live streams of its events, you were surely aware of the ongoing Omegathon that happens at each PAX. Each time, the final contestants standing compete at the end of PAX weekend in a round of a mystery game, in order to win the grand prize.

It’s always exciting to see what game will be chosen—for example, last year’s Omegathon finale was a specially designed Super Mario Maker course created just for the event. And this year, the Nintendo tribute stayed alive with a final round of… Super Mario Bros. 3.

The two Omeganauts were told to proceed through the game and achieve the highest possible score they could manage on a ten minute timer. They had infinite lives to complete the challenge, but both contestants had a tough go of it—neither one made it past the first main fortress. And all Nintendo fans watching shook their heads in sadness…

Watch the whole shebang right here: Final Omegathon round – PAX West 2016.


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