(PAX West) Dragon Quest VII Panel at PAX (with Video!)

Did you miss the Dragon Quest VII panel this past weekend at PAX West? We know that with so much going on during a PAX weekend, it’s inevitable to miss out on some things you really want to enjoy, or to even just forget about things you’ve planned to do because you’re actually passed out on a bean bag in a handheld lounge.

We’ve been there. We get it. Don’t you worry.

That’s why we scoured the internets to find this video of the panel, taken by Nintendo Everything, who clearly had a better camera and audio equipment with them than we did. Please enjoy the video and leave them some love either on the video itself or over on their website. They did a great job! It’s a 38-minute video, however, so get yourself a drink and a snack first.

Dragon Quest VII comes to North America later this week!


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