79% of Pokémon GO Players Have Stopping Paying

Pokémon GO has been around for a few months now, and it’s not unusual to still see folks out and about on their phones in the evening, catching the ‘mons. New features have been added since launch, but like any app of this variety—something that requires significant investment of time and energy—its popularity has dropped in the weeks afterward.
Early reports on the title were that it broke numerous sales and download levels, but this appears to have tapered off to the point of “normal” levels of engagement…however, a further look at the numbers shows that Pokémon GO’s paying population has literally dropped 79 percent.
That’s a massive, shocking number, but the game is still accounting for 28% of mobile sales as of the end of August, which is six times the amount of the second place game, Candy Crush Saga. But looking further beyond just the mobile app, Pokémon related items such as merchandise sales has jumped in a way that maybe no one saw coming—literally 233% over the course of a month.

To read the entire breakdown on the state of the app and how the public has engaged with Pokémon GO since it release, head over to Slice Intelligence for the entire article!


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