Er… You’re Going to Need to Buy an Advanced Joy-Con Grip If You Want to Charge Those Things…

We’ll just be over here clearing our throats… and bemoaning the states of our bank accounts. Why? Because despite how much we’ve all just shelled out for preorders of the Nintendo Switch, not to mention a game or two so that we can actually play one the darn thing, it turns out that the Joy-Con grip bundled with the console won’t charge the Joy-Cons while they’re attached. Nope, if you want to do that and get extended gameplay time, you’ll need to buy an advanced grip. And those things aren’t cheap.

So what’s coming with the machine? It’s literally just a plastic component that the controllers slot into, whereas the advanced grip has a USB port to charge the Joy-Cons and is made from a different (ie. sturdier, more comfortable) type of plastic. You’ll also get some lovely little lights underneath that let you know how your battery life is holding up.

Without an advanced grip, you’ll need to connect the Joy-Cons to the Switch while it’s docked—so when you get your brand new console, you won’t be playing on the TV right away since you’ll need to dock the Switch, with Joy-Cons connected, in order to charge them up fully first.

This is a downside, certainly, and a frustrating one at that. However, your mind should be set slightly at ease by the reminder that each Joy-Con reportedly has a 20-hour battery life, so recharging these controllers shouldn’t be required as often as, say, the Wii U’s GamePad.

On the other hand, it’s about 3 hours to get yourself a fully charged Joy-Con, so… can you wait that long once you get your Switch before tearing into the features and testing out gameplay styles? That, friends, is your call.


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