Master System Remake on the Way—Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap

Here’s a game announcement for the Switch that you didn’t see coming—Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, originally on the Master System and considered a classic title from that console’s era.

The game will be remade in HD and given a new, updated soundtrack. DotEmu hasn’t clarified yet if the announcement of the Nintendo Switch version means that the Wii U eShop version they proposed some time ago will be scrapped or not, but inevitably that info will come eventually.

Here’s the official announcement from DotEmu , with all the relevant details and bold text:

“It was hard to keep the secret, but finally we can spill those edamame beans…

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap is coming to the Nintendo Switch™ in 2017!

A reunion was held in mushroom kingdom under a veil of absolute secrecy, where Nintendo suggested we could bring the game over to their upcoming platform. Needless to say it was a unique opportunity and as soon as we saw the system we knew we wanted to get the game on it. We started working on it and well, HERE WE ARE!

The game plays fantastic on the Nintendo Switch! It runs at a smooth 60 FPS, the screen and colors in handheld mode are amazing, and it plays just as well in full HD when docked. We can’t wait to show you more!

If you don’t plan to dock yourself on the Switch bandwagon just yet, rest assured, the game will also be coming to other platforms! We will announce them as well as the game release date as soon as we are ready… and we’ve got a bunch of other cool news coming.”

Check out the early prototype footage trailer they released last year to preview the remake!


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