Price Confirmed for Super Bomberman R

One of the most surprising and exciting reveals from the Switch presentation was that we’ll be getting a full-length Bomberman title in 2017. Who expected that? But the buzz around it has been dulled slightly thanks to the confusion over pricing. Will the game be a full retail release? Why is it showing up on Canadian game retail sites at an $80 price point?

This confusion has thankfully been quelled somewhat with the release of the official retail price, though it’s still enough to make you scratch your head. According to Konami, all those pre-official price points were incorrect, and no one knew where they came from since the price hadn’t yet been decided.

Well, turns out that $49.99USD will be the official price point for Bomberman R. It’s not a cheap game by any means, and it’s impossible to say at this point whether that price is fair value for the game they’ll provide us. That said, there seems to be a general feeling in the air that these Switch releases are being priced far too high… especially a Bomberman title, which hasn’t traditionally been the kind of game folks drop large wads of cash to play.

Certainly you can argue both ways about this price point and the wisdom of making a judgment call before we’ve seen much of anything, but we do know, at the very least, that our bank accounts aren’t thrilled with us right now.


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