Nintendo Switch Indie Showcase

Did you get to watch the Nintendo Switch Indie Showcase today? Don’t worry, if you missed the hype train earlier today, we can get you on board. Just clicky below, give ‘er a little watch, and come on back. We’ll wait!

And now that Nintendo has your attention, your head may be swimming with information. So many games! So much potential! What the heck was the name of any of them? Why is your wallet crying?

Never fear, in order to help you out—though maybe not in the way you were hoping—Nintendo has also revealed a lovely infographic with all the game titles listed for Nindie games heading to the Switch in 2017.

Take a gander… are there any that pique your interest right away? Titles that go on the “must-buy” list immediately? As usual, we’ll provide updates along the way as more information becomes available.


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