Overcooked! Special Edition Coming to Switch

Fans of games like Diner Dash, get ready for this—one of the titles shown off during the Nintendo Switch Indies Showcase was the fast-paced multiplayer cooking title Overcooked!, which will be receiving a special edition release later this year from publisher Team 17.

This game plays out exactly the way you’re expecting from the image above—players have to work together to prepare dishes and keep customers happy, and we can only imagine that with the Nintendo Switch HD Rumble, the promised element of things like the feeling of soup sloshing around inside the bowl as you serve it will be both strange and exciting.

According to developer Ghost Town Games, the game will support up to four players. The Special Edition for the Switch will also contain all the DLC along with the original game. Release date or price haven’t been confirmed yet, but we can certainly see the appeal to playing this couch game on Switch and are looking forward to giving it a go.


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