Left Joy-Con Disconnect Fixed, More or Less

Some reports have been popping up online lately regarding the strange occurrence of the left Joy-Con occasionally disconnecting from the Nintendo Switch while playing, and for a while there no one seemed to have a clue why this was happening. It wasn’t happening to everyone, but since the only Switches out in the world have been preview consoles (since tomorrow is Switchmas!), you can only imagine the kind of frustration and more widespread disappointment once millions of Switch consoles get powered up and a percentage discovers this error with their system.

As of today, which is launch in some parts of the world (huzzah, time zones), there are claims that the day one update resolves this particular issue. However, Eurogamer/Digital Foundry put this claim to the test and didn’t find that the issue was resolved at all. On the other hand, there’s a thread over on Reddit that’s chock full of folks who have found it’s resolved, so take it with a grain of salt and possibly pay attention to what seems to have worked for players—attach the Joy-Con to the system while downloading your update.

The disconnect issue seems to be one of distance and whether the Joy-Con is hidden to a specific degree by the player’s hand or behind their back. The article linked above contains a full chart breakdown of the distance required before the left Joy-Con disconnects or starts to experience drops, but it seems to happen to so few people—and since we assume you’ll be downloading the system update as soon as you power your console up tomorrow—that hopefully you’ll never experience the issue at all.


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