Merry Switchmas, Everyone!

The day has come, it’s finally here! Are you lining up to buy your Switch today? Or to pick up your pre-order? Well, good luck to you, and many happy gaming returns. We’ll be setting up our consoles today and preparing to bring you all the best in Switch news and reviews in the weeks to come.

In the meantime, it’s worth mentioning that Nintendo of America appears to be right there with us, ready to ensure that our gaming time with our new Switch system is uninterrupted, regardless of where we are in the house. They’ve opened up sales of individual Switch docks on their official store, for $59.99 each.

Nintendo did promise some time ago that these would be available for purchase, but they’ve been hard (or impossible) to find during the pre-order days. Right now, it looks like Nintendo of America’s site is the only place to get them, but presumably they’ll become more widely available in the days ahead.

Merry Switchmas and Happy Gaming, Everyone!

(March 3) The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Reaches “One of the Best Games of All Time” Status

As if you didn’t already know, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild released today with the Switch, and if the fervor at our local EB Games was anything to go by, people are really, really freaking excited to play the new title.

But as with any new launch of a game from a beloved franchise, there’s a sense of hesitation. Will it be any good? Will it do justice to the previous titles (or better, if the previous titles were a disappointment)?

Well, leading into today’s release, it seems that this isn’t a concern per the critics. Presently, Metacritic has a score for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild at 98, making it tie for second place with Tony Hawk’s Pro-Skater 2, Grand Theft Auto 4, and SoulCalibur—which are all behind The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64.

Looking at that list, you can see that those games were all released prior to 2008, which means that Breath of the Wild has really accomplished something—especially with so many incredible, heavy-hitting game releases on various consoles these past few years.

We’re ready to dive into the game and see for ourselves if it lives up to the hype. We’re definitely hoping so!



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