Record High Sales for Nintendo Switch in North America

While the sales data for the Nintendo Switch launch has been slow to come and still in early days (we’re less than a week out from launch), the sales in North America appear to have been stead and strong.

Nick Wingfield of The New York Times took to Twitter to chat about the system, also previewing an interview coming later this week with Reggie Fils-Aime.



Looks great at first glance, and it definitely seems as though the North American supply of Switch consoles is in high demand. It’s also worth noting that sales numbers at time like this are wholly dependent on the available stock at hand, so where this falls in terms of the supply—and compared to other systems, home vs. handheld—will hopefully be part of the interview coming later this week.

Early good news is still good news, though. We’re hoping this excitement remains, and that Nintendo is able to build on it to create a great experience around this new console.


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