Netflix-Like Services Will Come to Nintendo Switch “In Time”

A prevailing request from Nintendo Switch owners—and those who are holding out to buy it, looking for a little more enticement—is that they’d like to see apps on the system for the streaming services they use regularly. Things like Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu, for example—apps that the Wii U has available, but which didn’t really appear until well into the console’s lifespan.

Reggie Fils-Aime gave an interview to The Washington Post about the Nintendo Switch, and one of the questions he was asked about was streaming services and a web browser for the system. Here’s what he had to say:

“We built the Nintendo Switch to be a world-class gaming device, meaning we want you first and foremost to play games on the system and have an incredibly fun experience.

We’re talking to a range of companies about other services, companies like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon — things that will come in time. In our view, these are not differentiators. What differentiates us is the way you play with the Nintendo Switch and what you can play. And that will continue to be our focus into the future as we continue driving this platform.”

So, yes… right now the Nintendo Switch is a $400 Zelda gaming device, but in time (and as more games are released), there will be additional services added to up its value.


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