Possible Hardware Issue Behind the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Disconnection

As much fun as many of us are having with our Nintendo Switch consoles, for some folks, things aren’t going quite as well—they’re experiencing random moments of disconnection from their Joy-Cons, and while for a little bit there it seemed like it was a software issue that could be solved with an update, Ars Technica has pointed out to everyone that it might, in fact, be an issue related to hardware instead.

The site pointed out a video posted by YouTuber Spawn Wave, who cracked open and tore down the Joy-Con controllers… and showed everyone that both the left and right controllers have vastly different internal layouts.

While this isn’t big news in general, since the right Joy-Con has the NFC reader and IR sensor, it’s the Bluetooth antenna’s location inside of the left controller that may be causing the issue. Take a watch of the video if this is something you’re experiencing, because it looks like the antenna is placed next to a piece of metal, which could potentially interfere with the Bluetooth’s signal. Spawn Wave even tests this theory by soldering a piece of wire to the Bluetooth chip—you’ll have to watch the video to see what happens.

What do you think? While this isn’t full proof of the issue, it’s certainly a solid theory regarding the hardware, and presumably we’ll hear more in the days ahead—hopefully straight from Nintendo.


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