First Impressions – sU and the Quest for Meaning (Switch)

sU and the Quest for Meaning is the type of game that patient players who enjoy abstract concepts, artwork, and puzzles will enjoy.

For everyone else, it’s bound to be an exercise in patience, if not totally infuriating within the first two minutes.

There are no instructions. No directions. It begins as if it’s a single-screen platformer, with you the player jumping around from one mountain or tower to the next. As soon as you land on one, it sinks into the ground and is replaced by a new tower elsewhere on the screen. There are diamond-like targets at some points, and your jump / double-jump is generous.

However, that’s about as far as we got with it, because lead developer Guillaume Bouckaert is hesitant to reveal anything else about the game. It is officially an “endless platformer,” but apparently a person could play for over a day (yes, that’s 24 solid hours) without completing a single puzzle during that time.

What’s the point? Why bother?

All we have to say is… it’s titled “the Quest for Meaning” for a reason, so make of it what you will.


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