PAX East 2017: Console Tournaments (Friday)

It’s here! It’s real! It’s happening! THE PAXENING!

Oh, but what will you do? What will you see? What games will put your elite skills to the test? Look, don’t let yourself be taken down by analysis paralysis. We’re here to help.

Just as we do every PAX, this weekend we’re listing all the Nintendo-based console tournaments happening over the next three days. You can also find Nintendo-based handheld tournament information and a quick spotlight of Nintendo-themed panels each day. For the full event schedule, be sure to see the PAX East app or grab a program, but if you’re looking for some help narrowing down your options… check here.

Console tournaments at PAX are considered “bite-sized,” meaning they won’t take all day—a max of four hours—and the player caps aren’t huge. Signups for tournaments tend to begin at 10am, and you’ll need to check in for the event 15 minutes before it begins. You’re also welcome to practice in console freeplay or classic console freeplay before things get rolling.

Tournaments do fill up quickly, so be sure to beeline it to registration if you’re hoping to get a spot.


  • 6pm-8pm Kirby Air Ride
  • 8pm-10pm Super Mario Strikers


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