PAX East 2017: Handheld Tournaments (Friday)

PAX-goers of all stripes can attest to the busy nature of the weekend ahead, and how it’s important to pace yourself so that you’re not so burned out by Friday night that you have trouble enjoying the rest of the weekend. One great way to ease into the excitement is via a handheld tournament!

Sign-ups for all handheld tournaments begin at 10am each day in the handheld lounge, which will be down the long hall on your left once you enter the BCEC. Go all the way down until you see the brightly colored beanbags!

We’ll be listing the tourneys being played on Nintendo hardware (3DS) each day, since, y’know… that’s what we do here. Sign-ups are first-come, first-served, and you must bring you own devices and games. Now get out there and have fun!

2:30-4:30pm – Dragonball Z: Extreme Butoden

5-7pm – Capcom Super Street Fighter IV

10-12am – Tetris Axis


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Dave will tell you that he likes to play video games, this is in fact a lie. What he really likes to do is buy games, and leaving them sitting unopened on his shelf. He is a monster.

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