First Impressions – Neurovoider (Switch)

Playdius sure brought their A-game to PAX East, serving up a wide selection of offerings that appeared to be an effort to appeal to just about any type of gamer. They’re a relatively new player in the European indie game scene, so it will be interesting to see what type of response they get after PAX East. They seemed to lay all their cards on the table, which can go one of two ways.

One of the games that we thought might swing the odds in their favor was Neurovoider, a retro-inspired twin-stick shooter, where you play as a brain traipsing around inside a robotic shell who must shoot up evil robots that threaten the world’s very existence. Or at least, that’s the impression we got after the fact, because the guy demoing the game at the time we visited the booth didn’t seem to understand the question. “You’re a brain shooting the bad robots,” was the extent of the premise, and… well, he’s not wrong.

Just don’t come to Neurovoider expecting a strong reason for why you’re a brain inside a robotic shell and not something else. A humanoid, for example. Or a spaceship. You’re just a brain, shooting the bad robots, and that’s all that matters.

Anyhow. Moving on.

As you shoot the crap out of everything that moves, you’ll collect loot and scrap in order to upgrade your robotic self (presumably you are a “good robot”, not that the demo ever showed us if there are other good robots who exist in this universe… which leaves us to wonder whether you’re truly the bad one here… yes, food for thought, but maybe take it over to sU and leave us in peace to shoot things).

Upgrades will give you new weapons, armor, and movement styles. The game itself is very fast-paced, perfect for co-op, and has an appealing soundtrack.

According to the press materials and the booth dude, the game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch along with other systems, but none of the display materials mentioned the Switch, so we’re not sure if there’s confusion or if it was a decision made after the display boards were printed. Either way, if you like robots and shooting, this is your game. If you like stories and reasons for why you’re doing the things you’re doing, perhaps go elsewhere.


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