Save Credit Card Information on the Switch! Give Nintendo a Liter of Blood! No, Wait…

The Nintendo Switch eShop is beautiful. Streamlined, clean, easy to use, uncluttered. Well, uncluttered for now, at least, but that may be because there aren’t a ton of games available—either way, it’s a pleasant experience to jump inside and scroll through the game offerings, enjoying the moment of simplicity.

Bit by bit, we’ll likely see features and categories added, and the latest update to the eShop brings what we’ve all been waiting for: The ability to save credit card information in the eShop, so you can stop clunkily tapping in the information each time you want to buy anything. And yes, don’t worry, you can enable a mandatory password before purchase—probably a good idea for anyone with small humans around.

So far this is only the feature improvement, but undoubtedly there are more to come. We’ll keep you posted!


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