Yooka-Laylee Gave Fans What Was Promised, Says Developer

Last month, the long-anticipated Yooka-Laylee launched on multiple platforms after years of development. This “spiritual successor” Kickstarter-funded title was met with some surprise and disappointment by some fans of its predecessor, Banjo Kazooie, though admittedly some of that frustration likely remained from the way the game’s PR was handled some time ago—including cancelling the Wii U version, only to announce it for the Nintendo Switch, despite rumors that more people backed the game for the Wii U than any other system.

The Switch version will be an “improved” edition, and recently Game Informer was able to chat with Andy Robinson of Playtonic regarding how the game is doing so far and how he feels about early reviews.

“It seems to confirm that we delivered what we promised to our fans and backers. It’s difficult to please everybody all the time of course, but the comments we’ve seen – good and bad, and there were a lot of really positive reviews – suggest that fans of golden age 3D platformers will enjoy Yooka-Laylee a lot. Of course, we take all constructive criticism on board, which is why we’ve already released a patch to further improve things like performance and polish, and we’re continuing to do that behind the scenes.”

From these comments, it sounds like Robinson holds an optimistic view of the game and its reception from audiences. Did the team succeed in what they set out to do?

“We did – but perhaps not quite as broad as it ended up! We set out to make a ’90s- inspired platformer for fans who missed the experience those games offered; an open-world style of platforming where the adventure is just as important as the jumping about. We had a clear mandate for Yooka-Laylee via our Kickstarter and while that wasn’t a blueprint that would necessarily appeal to everyone, it’s pleasing to see so many people enjoying Yooka-Laylee as much as we did making it. It’s been a big maiden success for us and we’re excited for the future.”

The release date for Yooka-Laylee on Switch remains a mystery, but we’ll let readers know once it’s announced. All said, at least this isn’t another Mighty No.9, amirite?


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