RiME eShop Cost Reduced, Switch Release Date Remains TBA

Later this month sees the release of one of this year’s hotly anticipated titles—RiME arrives on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC, while Switch owners are still waiting for a date when they can fire up their consoles and enjoy this visual masterpiece. And if you recall, a few months ago there was quite a bit of furor surrounding the higher price point for RiME on the Switch—an entire $10 difference, in fact.

When we spoke with a rep for RiME at this year’s PAX East, we were informed that the higher cost came as a result of the higher cost of development on the Switch, and he was very insistent that the team preferred to keep the game as affordable as possible—they were well aware of the frustration from potential players—but also couldn’t afford on their end to absorb that extra cost. Other reports online have stated similar reasoning: “additional development, manufacturing, and publishing costs.”

However, it now seems that developer Grey Box has found a way to deal with the issue, confirming that the Switch version—if purchased from the eShop—will cost $29.99USD, while the retail box copy will run $39.99USD… but will also include a download code for the OST.

On the physical side, we can’t lower the price without selling at a loss, but we can add more value to the package. And that’s what we’re doing. For the Nintendo Switch version of RiME, all physical copies will include a printed code for a download of the complete, beautiful soundtrack by David García (a sample of which you can find here). You will be able to download the music via Bandcamp in one of the multiple high-quality formats. The soundtrack is planned on being sold separately for $10 in the US (and equivalent prices elsewhere), and so the value you’re going to get out of this will be the same as somebody who purchased a different version of RiME, and then bought the soundtrack.

Like I said, Grey Box’s goals are to provide a great product at a great value. We hope you’ll find this new offering to be fair. Personally, we’re excited about it, because we want as many people as possible to hear David’s music! Regardless, we can assure you that no matter which version of RiME you play – and we hope to have a Switch version release date announced shortly – you’re going to have an amazing and touching experience. Thanks very much for your support!”

It’s a good sign that Grey Box is hearing the complaints and has made an effort to address it—now all we need is a release date on Switch, as “Q3” is all we’ve heard up to this point. Still, if you were hoping to play this title on Switch, hold tight—it sounds like this team knows what they’re doing, and cares about your gaming experience.


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