Nintendo Beginning to Ramp Up Switch Manufacturing

The Financial Times has reported (citing “inside sources” that Nintendo is upping production of the Switch console in an attempt to meet the demand for their latest console which is selling like bananas since launch.

The inside source claims that one of the primary reasons for this ramp up in production is to ensure that those who want to buy a Switch at Thanksgiving and Christmas won’t be disappointed by a lack of stock. This increased production run was reportedly put into action just weeks after the system launched in March and it essential means that Nintendo is targeting a production of 18 million units in the first full year of production.

Some industry analysts also believe that Nintendo is intentionally being conservative with this target and believe that they may be looking to actually product upwards of 20 million units before March 2018. One industry analyst was quoted as saying the console could sell 80 million units over it’s lifetime, which is not too far off from the heady Wii days of yore.

It looks like the Switch is positioned to smash the sales targets hit by the Wii-U and potentially come close to our match the success of the Wii. We’ll just have to wait and see how it pans out!


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