Mighty No. 9 Dev Comcept Acquired By Level-5

“As many of you may have heard, Akihiro Hino (LEVEL-5 CEO), and Keiji Inafune (comcept CEO) will be co-founding a new company “LEVEL5 comcept”. What does this mean, you ask? It means that Akihiro Hino, and Keiji Inafune will be teaming up to make new games!!! This does not affect Mighty No. 9 in any way, but who knows, maybe in the future Beck, and your favorite LEVEL-5 characters may be tagging along in new adventures? The possibilities are limitless here.”

Hang on, stay with us. You may recognize Level-5 as the folks who make Yo-Kai Watch and Professor Layton titles, so this may actually be a good thing. The idea here is that Level-5 has acquired Comcept to create a new company titled—wait for it—Level-5 Comcept. It will be a new studio founded with Comcept’s existing staff of 15 or so people.

Founder of Comcept Keiji Inafune has stated that he’ll be sticking around to oversee the existing Comcept products until the transition is complete—and that the handheld versions of Mighty No. 9 are still in the works:

“Hand Held versions: They are not being cancelled, we are still in the process of porting. The porting had to be put on hold for a while due to the other versions being delayed and the recent adjustment we had in Comcept. However, everything is back on track now. The developer restarted the porting process in early May, and we estimate to release them within 2017 (it could be earlier, but it’s hard to estimate a more precise date at this point). We will update on this when we have more information.”

Well, all righty then.


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